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My Bucket List (still adding)

1. See a game at every MLB stadium.
2. See a championship game in any pro sport.
3. See the Olympics in person.
4. Try out for the USA Handball team.
5. Get a part in a movie or tv show.
6. See Miami vs OKC
7. Fly in something other than an airplane.
8. Ride in a race car.
9. Go to every single continent.
10. Go deep sea fishing.
11. Rematch Eli in Madden.
12. Hit a hole in one.
13. Break a world record.
14. Go to the Worlds Largest and Smallest Country.
15. Visit a town with a population of 10 or less.
16. Catch a pass from an NFL quarterback.
17. See the Final Four
18. Go to a College Football playoff.
19. Walk around in a Bigfoot outfit around the filming of “Finding Bigfoot”
20. Start a business.
21. Be an Oklahoma City Thunder Storm Chaser.
22. Beat Jerrod Murr one on one in basketball (taking you on when you are in nursing home)
23. Be friends with a celebrity.
24. Be invited to speak at a public event.
25. Do a Homeless Makeover

1. Catch a foul ball at a baseball game.
2. Fly out of the country.
3. See the Christ Redeemer statue.
4. See a Thunder game

Born For Greatness, Will You Finish?

“They had great ideas”
“They got lucky”
“They worked hard”

These were few of the many responses I received when I asked an interesting question.

Why did ____ become so famous?

Some of the names I included were:
Michael Jordan
Lebron James (as i poked my eyes out)
Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King Jr
Abraham Lincoln

But for this I want to use the same technique my Youth Pastor used when he taught me this lesson.
Think of the 3 most inspirational people of all time.

I then asked those people

Why aren’t you as famous as ______?

I then received answers like this:
“They got lucky”
“I already am”
“I live here”
“Not enough time”

The last answer interested me….
Because my Youth Pastor Jerrod Murr, answered this statement in the class and his words really made me fall out of my seat.

He said a very obvious statement that shocked the room.

You have as many hours in one day, one week, one month , one year than any of the people on your list.

He went on to say, since we have as much time as they did, why aren’t we accomplishing even small things and doing productive things in our everyday life.

His words, brutally honest made me think long and hard…..
Maybe I need to view my life in a more positive way. I need to look at each day as a day to accomplish something.

We have the same 24 hours Abe Lincoln did in his lifetime.

I think from now on I will use as many of them as I can, for doing positive things.

We were born for greatness!
Its our decision if we want to go get it!


6,570 days ago, my parents were given there first born son.

My birth: August 26th 1995. Bowling Green, KY.

We moved a lot before I was 5. Since my dad was making the transition from pastor to sports journalist. Around 5, he got a job in the Sports Department at the paper in Muskogee, OK. (which im living in now)
I attended Grant Foreman Elementary School, where I ran into the the issue of being bullied. It was tough. I hated school. It made me search for love, because I didnt seem to find it anywhere. That led me into pornography. It was filling a hole in my soul, but it wasnt truly filling it. It made me feel happy, but never satisfied….

When ever I would settle myself down and get out of it, I started helping in kids church at Muskogee First Assembly after a while of attending as a child (where i would meet my soon to be best friend). I felt wanted at the church. But the porn struggle hurt me, i kept falling back in. It kept me from going to youth because I felt i would be rejected. But finally one day my parents forced me to go.
Im glad they did.
The message was on lust.
It led me to get help.
Darrin Ballard, gave me counselling and led me out of the addiction through Christ!

I was able to actually walk with Christ.
I got baptized by Pastor Jason Fullerton whom had been my Youth Pastor until Pastor Jerrod Murr took over. (whom turned me into a leader)
But that commitment put me in a change and growth frenzy.
Kids pastor Bethany Crow completely fed her knowledge into me and sparked a relentless fire.

I was called to preach to kids and youth
I was called to be an evangelist
I have worked in Childrens ministry for 7 years
I have been clean for 7 years
I have received the gift of discernment
I have received prophetic words
I have been filled with the holy spirit
Ive preached about 8 times in childrens church
Ive had 13 kids give their life to christ.
I have become a leader in my Youth Group.
God has given me amazing acting abilities.
He has given me patience for special needs kids.

God has changed me.
Hes placed amazing people in my life. Im so glad this is the plan he has given me. Im enjoying every minute of it.


This Book…

There is this book.
Page 1 of this book, begins with 2 big smiles and tears of joy.
The last page, page 6,570, ends with 2 sad-happy smiles and tears of sorrow and joy.
Now for those of you who know me, know that I would never read a 6,570 page book, ever. I would most likely be done at page 12 on a good day.
So to clarify, I did not read this book.

I wrote it.

I began writing this book in Bowling Green, KY, on August 26th, 1995. (BIG SHOUT OUT to my AMAZING PARENTS)
On this day of August 22nd, 2013, I have just finished page 6,566.

If you have not figured out what I am talking about yet, let me explain.

This “book” is my childhood.

Every person has written or is writing their own Childhood “book”.

I have learned a big lesson from this book.

I learned that wasting days doing NOTHING, helped me accomplish NOTHING. Just like a gum ball machine. You can sit there looking at the machine, doing nothing, just waiting for it to spit out a gum ball, but you would be waiting a while. To get a gum ball you must put in a quarter.

Giving an effort every day gives you better odds to doing something amazing, and changing the world.
I definitely like better odds to change the world.

There is many more lessons I have learned from this book, that I will share.

I will take you through my “book” on August 26th, 2013 and tell you several personal occurrences that happened to me in my 18 years of life, that shaped me into the man I am today. Including the people who helped in making this miraculous change. As well as some of my personal goals.

Love you all!
Thanks for reading.
6,570 days= 18 years